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Magdalena M

Magdalena M is an internationally published commercial Photographer and Art Director. Specializing in editorial portraits, commercial projects and corporate assignments, Magdalena has worked with some of Toronto’s top legal teams and design agencies for over 15 years. Using photography to translate brand positioning is key to creating relevant, relatable ideas; but it's Magdalena’s ability to truly connect with people that is the vital element for her continuing success. “My goal is to uncover the person behind the brand and find a genuine way of telling their story.” That same desire for story telling developed into a natural talent for Art Direction, through curating fashion and design publications. (Embark Magazine, Canadian Hairdresser Magazine.) It enabled Magdalena to become a stronger visual artist in all respects; utilizing her clients’ vision to create a timeless and modern aesthetic, an individual brand voice that is genuine and approachable, while maintaining its true identity.

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Magdalena M

Artwork by Magdalena M