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Bruno Billio

Bruno Billio is a Canadian artist working from an interdisciplinary background. At once an installation artist, a sculptor, and a designer, Billio creates challenging works informed by his command of each of these three practices. Billio’s work has been particularly compelling to large-scale hospitality and real estate clients. His sculptures are prominently featured in many luxury hotel including the Four Season (Tribeca, NYC), Hazelton Hotel (Toronto) and the Windsor Arms (Toronto). Billio received the Herman Miller award (2019).

Billio’s acclaim in fortified by invitations to participate in international installations. Billio has exhibited in the International Art Fairs in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and London. While frequently invited to participate in international projects and show on the global stage, Billio is committed to the Canadian art community and contributing to local projects. His passion is working in the public art space to not only transform existing environments with compelling artwork, but also to participate in the commentary and dialogue of what that shared space means to all that interact with it. He designs original work that considers all factors including natural environment, culture, community and complementary structures.

Billio’s artistic practice is informed by the active displacement and staging of the found object, a contemporary art strategy with a historically established lineage. The everyday is reinterpreted through its spatial and contextual re-appropriation by the artist, who presents himself by proxy as both an interventionist and an inventor. Billio effectively re-envisions the material and social valence of the object in space and presents it in a fascinating manner that lures in the viewer.

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Bruno Billio