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Photo credit: Robert Cameron

Exclusive Dinners

FOR OENOPHILES: Highness Global Post-Modern Sculptor, Robert Cameron, is a certified sommelier with the International Sommelier Guild. Inquire about organizing your next exclusive art-inspired wine pairing dinner hosted by Robert Cameron.

FOR NEON-LOVERS: Highness Global Sculptor, Bruno Billio is a master of elevating ordinary dinner parties to extraordinary and fantastical TRON-inspired evenings. Inquire about organizing your next exclusive art-inspired TRON dinner party hosted by Bruno Billio.

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Photo credit: Acid4Yuppies

Digital Activations

With a stellar production team, Highness can turn your favourite Highness artwork into a mesmerizing digital experience with motion graphics, video and integrated music. Digital art can be projected onto walls, displayed on screens, used for content on social platforms and for exclusive event invitations.

For corporate and commercial clients, digital productions can be tailored to brand colours and to fit specific marketing objectives.

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Photo credit: Bruno Billio for XYZ Storage

TRON Activations

Sculptor Bruno Billio reimagines existing architecture with his TRON art installations: bringing you into a fantastical world of neon.

Fluorescent tape is activated by black light, dramatically changing the space for outstanding events. Each installation is customized for the client’s space. The striking visual compositions produce the most memorable moments and spectacular photo opportunities.

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