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Photo credit: Four Seasons

Commercial Offerings

From acquired, rented or commissioned artwork for offices, lobbies and communal work spaces to branded client art gifts and deal success markers (“tombstones”), Highness customizes brand integrated art offerings for its corporate, commercial and real estate clients. In addition, Highness produces art activations and installations for awe-inspiring corporate events, galas and other milestone occasions.

Highness works closely with marketing teams and in adherence to brand guidelines to produce exceptional brand integrated and high impact art solutions.

We invite corporate clients to also explore branded art-inspired merchandise and products including stationary, client and holiday gifts, event take-aways and other bespoke brand collateral.

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Photo credit: Nigel Nolan

Events & Activations

Highness can integrate art into your events and activate spaces of any size with its diverse roster of creative talent. Art integrations and activations can be simple turnkey (pop up) offerings for a memorable social media moment, or carefully designed bespoke art experiences to make events and launches awe-inspiring. Whatever solution you choose, our artists will help create spectacular experiences for your clients and guests.

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Highness is a social impact creative agency that is committed to bettering the livelihood of artists including marginalized and equity seeking artists. Highness’ growing portfolio of Contemporary Indigenous Artists is focussed on recognising Indigenous presence globally through the world of art and design. Our approach is to harness the power of contemporary art and design through new technologies, innovative media and sustainable materials in order to reimagine spaces while acknowledging our past.

With its seasoned professional artists at the helm, Highness will be developing an Indigenous Creation Lab and working with non-profits through its philanthropic division of Highness Humanity to explore, present and champion Indigenous Contemporary Art.

Our placemaking initiatives support commissions, activations, collaborations and other bespoke offerings for individuals and organizations who share our objective of inclusion and representation within our communities and globally

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Many Highness creatives offer adult, youth and early childhood art-based workshops that are perfect for community-based programming (including wellness and healing), private events and corporate gatherings. Workshops are customized to suit the specific audiences and/or appeal to a mixed demographic and can be designed within the parameters of time and locale.

HGI Artist Workshop Package

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Photo credit: Nigel Nolan for Cabine

Art Curation

Highness’ curation services assists with overall artistic vitalization and revitalizations for private and commercial clients.

For new collectors, Highness sources artworks from the Highness Embassy creatives, friends of the firm (other art dealers, galleries and consultants) and other art sources to help build stunning collections and transform spaces with art.

For existing collectors, Highness works with previously acquired works of art to help build new cohesive collections to suit the desires of the collector. Highness can also assist with strategizing creative solutions for the offloading of existing works for revenue that can allow for the acquisition of new works.

For public curations, Highness supports its art selection services with producing labels, catalogue essays, and other content supporting art exhibitions.

As a tastemaker, Highness has an eye for compelling art forms and a passion for presenting artwork in a way that creates interest in any space—whether it is small or large, private or public, within four walls or produced outdoors.

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Photo credit: James Robertson Art Consultants for The Hazelton Hotel

Art Rotation

The world is not standing still so neither should your art collection. Highness’ Art Rotation program allows you to enjoy artwork for short terms and also allows you to share in the profit if the art sells while it is showcased in your space.

Art Rotation programs are tailored to suit the space and the client’s desires from aesthetics, style, colour and presentation needs. Works can be a combination of established artists, emerging artists, new and/or available works.

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