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Donovan Davis

Donovan Davis is a contemporary artist living in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) with over two decades of experience dedicated to his practice of collage. Davis deconstructs editorial images and appropriates their content for use in unexpected artistic configurations, including profiles, silhouettes and other stunning, dynamic compositions. The result is both provocative and captivating pieces of artwork. Davis has amassed an extensive portfolio from his artistic obsession, increasingly pulling the viewer into an artistic realm with his unmistakable signature. His pursuit of these artistic practices is fuelled by his interest in exploring the endless possibilities of creative expression that lie before him; as well as the invitation he presents to the viewer to join him on this journey. Davis has two books published of his works which are part of the permanent collection in the National Library of Canada and Archives Canada. His works can be found in many private collections and global luxury hospitality establishments, including The Londoner, The Bisha, The Hazelton and CLIO.

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Donovan Davis

Artwork by Donovan Davis