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Nightshade (gold)

By Laura Jane Petelko, 2022

6,000.00 C$12,500.00 C$

Media: archival print, mounted to black museum box

Explore the enchanting world of archival prints expertly mounted on black museum boxes. Dive into the captivating ‘Phototropic’ series, recently exhibited in Toronto during Fall 2022, by the international photographer Laura Jane Petelko. Delve into the emotional resonance of abstracted botanical forms as Petelko explores various color tones in this soft and painterly palm image. The nostalgic amber and gold palette intertwines with figurative elements in the series, creating a harmonious visual experience.

These modular pieces, inspired by the concept of Phototropism, stand alone as striking artworks but also beckon for creative pairings, making them ideal for diptychs and triptychs. Drawing inspiration from nature and cycles of renewal, the series seamlessly combines botanical and human forms, sparking a visual conversation on duality.

Experience the emotive journey of ‘Nightshade (gold)’—a captivating addition to your art collection. Inquire now about shipping details and bring this exquisite piece into your space.

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Type Limited Edition Print
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